Flowers Are Nothing More Than Sex To Plants

“the flowers are nothing more than sex to plants”


I read this line of poetry, in a beautiful transcendent poem on one of my followers blogs, My first response was that it made me sad.

How male is that perspective!

Is that I ask what Jesus thought of flowers? . . . . . .  I think not.

Is that what God thought flowers to be when He created His Earth? . . . . . . . I don’t think so.

Is that the reality of the relationship He engineered between the two, flower and plant?

Did He think that flowers were nothing more than sex to plants?   Or women nothing more than sex to men?  Or humanity nothing more that sex to humans?  Or man nothing more than sex to woman?  Or child nothing more than sex to parent?  I doubt that very much.

When I was 19 somebody wanted me in a way that I refused to be with them, and despite my refusal they persisted and persisted and I refused and I refused.  One night when I was sleeping in my own home where I lived with two others, the said man (who was a guest of a flat-mate) came into my private room where I was sleeping, he forced himself upon me and he took what he wanted without my consent, before I managed with all my strength to make him remove himself from me and run fast away like a criminal.

My flat mate that night was the best flat-mate anyone coud have wished for.  She held me close, bathed me, and loved me.  Her mother worked in a high-class solicitors office in London, and based on other high-profile cases around at the time in the late 1980’s we decided that it would be better for me not to prosecute.   Women were often unsuccessful in bringing such cases to justice, and as a result suffered much distress at the hands of the police, the courts and the press.  I had not been examined or interviewed prior to eradicating myself of his every imprint.

Just so that you know what it feels like to be a women in this situation,  I bathed and scrubbed myself over and over and over again and could not feel clean.  I had the feeling of wanting to scrape my insides out with a scalpel, in order to remove every trace of him away from me.  I felt dirty and tainted on the inside, and that was difficult to wash away.

I took days off work sick and in shock, and then I asked to change from one busy branch of my job to a quieter branch, in a different location with less business.  I was open, I talked, I cried, I grieved, I got angry, I got strong, and eventually I forgave him.  I knew this person.  He was not the most attractive person, neither the most attractive personality around.  Eventually I felt pity for him, that he should have to defile himself and me, and have scarred his own life, for the rest of his life, in such a disgraceful disgusting way-for a few minutes of what he thought would make him feel satisfied.  His price was that others were witness to his crime.

Unreturned violent banging hurting driving into someone SCUM.

Flowers are not just sex to plants.  Flowers are beautiful miracles, each individual head born upon a stem from a spiral of d.n.a, produced from life beyond life.  Pollination from one plant to another is a mystical dance incorporating the earth, the seasons, the insects, the elements, the nutrients.  God.  The footprint of a flower can not just be reduced to sex, else it might just be reduced to rape.

Love is threaded throughout the dance.  Love of Creation, Love of design, Love of structure, Love of life, Love of soil, Love of earth, Love of insects attracting and dancing, loving and mating, Love of living.   And then there is Love of intimacy, Love of sharing, Love of pollen and pollination, the Love of support, the love of nurture, and the Love of reproducing miraculous beauty and wonder beyond wonder, and so it goes on, dying, rebirthing, unfurling, blossoming, illumine, and transcending.

For anyone that can not put Love first before sex I hold you in my sorrow.  For anyone that allows sex to debase, overshadow and overpower Love I hold you in my sorrow.  For anyone that believes a flower is just sex to a plant I hold you in my sorrow.  And I pray that one day you allow Love to flower because of Love; despite sex.

I read this line of poetry in a beautiful transcendent poem on one of my followers blogs.

My second response was that it made me happy, that somebody else in words and sight far more eloquent than my own, can articulate the flight of the human.  A flight which transcends this organic world into the boundless skies of the metaphysical, where for me all our words are laid to rest once and for all in His Word.

My third response is that God is Love and Spirit and not Spirit alone.


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