‘All women should abstain from sexual relationships and put their emotional attachments in God,  all men should be homosexual, and then the world would be paradise again.’

Tonight me and my ‘young woman daughter’ watched a chick flick together.

She transcends in laughter; the declaration of allegedly non-practising homo-hetero-bisexual-androgyny ushering us to new life, wisdom indeed from our Brethren.

Meanwhile I socialize safely with a Lala society; they are all male all gay all best friends, I used to be in the theatre.

Oh and the lovely James Blake dubs me all over.

Very much alive.

This is his new mesmerizing sensational album released on the 8th April.  I thought I preferred the first one, though this one little by little is slowly seducing me to greater heights.

Overgrown – James Blake


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