Forget-Me-Not flowers are perfect. In fact tell me a flower that isn’t perfectly perfect and I will challenge you.  Challenge you that it is absolute-in-its-perfectness.  Take forget-me-nots for example, when you take a quick glance these tiny dainty little matching hues of blue prick the green, like fairy dust, and do nothing more than bring enchantment to the garden, softening the edges.  But stop take a closer look ~ bend down ~ breathe in their blue. Carefully hold the delicate flowering heads lacing between your fingers ~ lay down in the grass and look a little closer, for you have surely missed the enchantment by just passing at a glance from the corner of the eyes delight ~ and not by looking closer and closer still until you can see beyond the missing.

Now from your place of examine, you will observe that these perfectly dainty tiny little blue flowers have a perfection beyond our looking and noticing. Laced throughout the grasses – the borders – and your fingers, these tiniest little clusters of flowers are like blue baby bubbles blown from a bubble blower, sticking together and landing in little clusters upon their green soft velvety tongued leaves.    I have counted up to nine little flowers on any one head, each with their own little miniature stem attaching them to a single long stem.  Perfect.  These little flowers appear perfectly as just one petal, cut into a perfect flower shape in miniature.  But on studying you will find five little arcs all curving round to an indent, where they all hold hands with the next arc, just as if you were drawing a flower with petals, without removing the pencil from the parchment. Each individual mini blue hue is different on each tiny flower on any one flower head, by the most delicate almost missable shade from pink – to lavender – to palest blue – to truest blue.   And yet at just a glance they seemingly are all just one blue the same.  But you are looking deeper through the illusion and now you can see true.

Each little petal single flower head begins with a full-stop soft dot, which isn’t black but looks like a shade of green or brown to the naked eye, depending on which light you are looking in.  Surrounding this tiniest world of a dot is a beautiful little sunshine shining brightest yellow, this yellow dot is no bigger that a full stop made with a yellow fibre tip pen.  And if you look really really really closely you will see the tiniest white star behind the yellow sunshine dot; as if brightest white rays are pouring out from its sunshine centre.  These white rays are five little shards of light as if in the painting of a halo.  The little finger rays of purest light reaching out into the Mary blue petal and this combines perfectly with the Christ Light.

To close your eyes and brush your fingers over the flower heads is to barely feel them bless you, but a tickle softer than that of the lightest breeze.  To stroke the tongued leaves between your index finger and thumb is to feel a warm velvety soft paper. Softening downwards as if bowing in honour to the delicate little floral pieces of contemporary sky, fallen to earth as forget-me-nots, whilst the younger leaves are looking skywards at the matching blue in wonder, softer and greener still.

These little halo centered flowers nestled in their velvety green manger, mirror diamond stars – and nails – and skies of Mary blue –  halo’s – and Christ Light.   God’s creation in all His glorious wonder.

And if God made such delicate little humble flowers so very finely perfect, but we in our only glancing over their enchantment-miss their very holy beauty, then who are we to believe He got it so wrong with us.  When surely just in passing at a glance from the corner of our eye’s-delight we let enchantment pass us by.  And yet when in our enchantment we could by looking closer and closer still, see beyond the missing and beyond the enchantment and delight.  Holy See the wonder and nails – the stars and the halo’s, and holy see just how perfectly perfect he made us to be ~ holier still.


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