Last Beguine

R is an Economist reader, weekly it drops through the letter-box, weekly I smile at the graphic artistry on the front cover.  Occasionally R points out a story relevent to my interest.  Quite often R points out stories either written, else on the radio, that he thinks should sway me the alternate way to my thinking when it comes to my passion, but this week he surprised me.  He brought me his read edition with the below article which on reading made my heart dance with intrigue, joy, wonder, hope and then back the other way to determination, courage, persistence and conviction.

How can one not be so inspired by such incredible women in the face of such rejection, when we read about them.   Please take a few minute to read the original article by clicking on the Marcella Pattyn link below.

 Marcella Pattyn | The Economist

I often wonder how with the support encouragement and welcome acceptance from our male counterparts, following the exemplary example of Jesus, the Catholic Church of today could already have transformed and reached many more of the worlds people in their spiritual and earthly lives, based on its rich traditional heritage, beyond its standing of today.

Mother Church and Her beautiful message of Love, service, kindness and salvation has not always embraced the women, who with a defiant passion proceeded to live out their mission in separation and determination, in order to be true to their calling.  Imagine the beautiful miracle example of Jesus Christ today ~ faith reignited in the world, by a God-Loving faithful  race who support Christ in His mission, beyond segregation exclusion and gender apartheid.

I think of my own burning surge of passion for my faith, and of the inspirations and speakers and homilies that first provoked me into so wanting to live what it was that I had come to understand in a tangible way,  and so share it with others.  And of how hungry I was to receive more inspiration and define it in my own words, and share and live this Love without self-consciousness or fear.

And then I think of how that innocent, loving and questioning faith has been cornered, quashed, clipped and cauterized beyond measure, and of how if it were allowed to flourish it could have been so vibrant and alive and productive.  And of how instead a passion persecuted for her femininity has been forced to lay down quietly, and for Pentecostal flames to have water poured over them, to force them to become nothing other than drowned embers barely glowing ~ but for the fire attendant stoking them on the inside.

And so we see it with great Beguine clarity again.  It is no wonder that women retreat in prayer to the furthermost place beyond any rejection.  A place immune from all patriarchal rivalry, ambition and politics,  to a more contemplative place where open wild pastures still hold hope for a miracle vision of Love lived in a renewed kingdom, where under His ultimate Shepherdry His mission alone reigns supreme, and restores each and every broken Trust. 

Women were a part of His kingdom.  Peter the man who was given the keys to the kingdom was a married man, chosen no doubt for this very reason.  Magdalene and the other women were a respected and valid part of His ministry, and it were because of All of their efforts and ministry (the men and the women) after His ascension, that the faith spread throughout all the regions of the earth that we know of today.

Together in Him we become One.  In separation we All remain infinitely less.

Each and every time that I have read the Marcella Pattyn, Economist article my heart dances when I get to this part;

Love’s light

“In her energy and willpower she was typical of Beguines of the past. Their writings—in their own vernacular, Flemish or French, rather than men’s Latin—were free-spirited and breathed defiance. “Men try to dissuade me from everything Love bids me do,” wrote Hadewijch of Antwerp:

They don’t understand it, and I can’t explain it to them. I must live out what I am.

Prous Bonnet saw Christ, the mystical bridegroom of all Beguines, opening his heart to her like rays blazing from a lantern. But a Beguine who was blind could take comfort in knowing, with Marguerite Porète, that Love’s light also lay within her:

O deepest spring and fountain sealed, Where the sun is subtly hidden, You send your rays, says Truth, through divine knowledge; We know it through true Wisdom: Her splendour clothes us in light.”


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2 Responses to Last Beguine

  1. Stephanie Jill Rudd says:

    Sohia always endures, throughout the ages she brings us in our innocence to the waiting bridegroom, who rejoices in our arrival and nurtures us in timeless wholeness, far away from the judgemental eyes of those who remain blinded by their own limitation and man made rules.

  2. mags says:

    x I believe Wisdom too in her wise way brings them also x

    and possibly before me †

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