In The Chapel


Morning Sisters pray

Beneath a canopy of stars

Breathtaking Psalms.

My heart cupped in prayer

On Psalms sublime is lifted to

My Beloved Spouse.

Beloved Lovers merge

Above the canopy of stars

In prayer sublime.

Daughter of Eve

Transformed in grace to Mary new

Loved by Son of man.

Sun anoints the moon

Embalms my human soul in Love

Resurrected Faith.

Son anoints the womb

Embalms immortal souls in Love

Resurrection.  Grace.

Evening Sisters pray

By night, before the risen Son

Breathtaking Psalms.

(I have written this poem as a leaving gift for the lovely Sisters of the Assumption Religious, whose Saturday morning prayer for the past 2 years I have had the privilege of sharing.  We prayed together in the beautiful Maria Assumpta Chapel in Kensington Square, London, where I served in the sacristy setting up Mass and where I was holder of the secret hiding place of the Tabernacle key  0-:O)

(I am hoping to have it inscribed on a tablet of glass)


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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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