Only One Paragraph Break For Air.

Having become aware of a particular ‘Blogosphere’, a blogosphere to which by some means I was hunted captured and then handed over to be ‘freely’ intellectually seduced/penetrated again and again against my conscious will, at the hands of my own curiosity.  Betrayed at first by my own naivety and by my innocence despite others desperately proving me guilty. Caught against my will, by a philosophic pragmatic network including computer and technical geniuses and lap-top religious who assume anonymous shelter in their spiritual direction, and awarded possibly by themselves possibly by their hierarchy an unspoken authority.  A sphere whereby my personal communications have been infiltrated, violated, betrayed and used, even my Christian name used, and yet I don’t doubt any of your great intentions. A place where beloveds could apparently in illusion and dilution ‘live’ (fool hardily – hardly – not at all don’t fall for it) out their broken hearts in a different realm anonymously for all to see – else to be offered on-line ‘healing’.  She laughs. :0/

Being me, such a visibly flawed human being (as you can see just by reading my flawed dyslexic words) with all the weight and responsibility of a missing comma or full stop left open.  Having thought so deeply only then to annoyingly publish the flaws for all to witness, whilst now pressing on my lips the pressure of wanting to now correct the flaws – so as to be a little more perfect, in place of wincing at my spelling and grammatical errors that are a trip-wire for my soul.  It is with all my heart upon my sleeve I offer you from my own blog my too many corrections (spotted after my publishing), my adages, and my artistic licence to change my words and thoughts whenever I dare please.  Hence a thousand mails! It is from this same insignificant person, Saint in training (if that be your prejudice) bog standard normal person; Saint stripped of pride, publically shamed, days passing away before her, pharmarkos, standing naked but for the dignity of the bone marrow d.n.a of God’s original gene, that I humbly and in relief admit that a few days from today I will cease to read anything other than my 3 favourite blogs.  Time is of the essence and I need to pull in the reigns and re-focus.

Faith Hope and Love




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