My Beloved Love

You spend my life teaching me how to breathe

So that I can live at once beyond breath.

You take my living and force me to die

And then you forge a life from death.

Life irreconcilable, unrecognisable.

You made so many faithful kin fail

By exacting their wrath against me,

Why – they know not of for sure.

But once – where my head, with Love was blessed,

Kind, unmarked and pure before,

Now branded, engraved by a jury employed.

T’is Love Not, from their eyes that stare

Their Love thus weakened, ill deployed,

And therein lies their lessons there.

My dear God’s work I clear can see,

T’is work of man beleagures me.

Adulterous stones at first are cast

On fallacy, man builds his caste

To make us fall and test our faith.

And yet Dear God no guilt at all,

Where Spirit and Truth do reign supreme

Where she Loved Him and I Love You

And there your Love seduces me.

Dear Lord oh how you Love me so,

As Eros Loves dear Psyche Free

Of death, irreconcilably.

Your Spirit Ruah, breathes life in me.

Dear Lord oh how I Love You so.

Oh God I Love him so.



About mags

Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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