Short Sighted

When everything is reduced to the sex you see in others, you have missed the point.

When every poem you write is about physical urges being overcome, you have missed the point and the pleasure,  You are stuck lower, man.  When all you can see is the act of sexual instincts in others gratifying themselves, you have failed to see the intimate Love of a woman, a child, a mother, a companion, and beloveds.  When you can only see the sex between humanity and not the Love, then the plank in your eye and in your groin is yours alone to overcome.  Whether you have overcome all urges and abstain from sexual activity or not,  you have sadly not overcome the urge to view the world or others beyond a sexual nature.

Our senses are not separate from our soul or our spirit, they do not belong solely to our body.  They are extensions of the body, like pathways taking us from the physical to beyond the physical.  The nerves of the senses do not end with our body or end at the gratification of self.  They do not end where the body ends, they extend beyond.  If you are hurting then my senses like receptors draw me out towards you.  If you cry then my senses at once beyond my skin draw me out to receive your pain in a compassionate extended reach.  My senses extend beyond self to hold you and comfort you and share your hurting, even in your physical absence.  My senses are not bound to my body alone. but reach out to yours and yours and yours and yours and his.  My senses are not just to receive, they are not reduced to sexual pleasure, I am not a man, I am a woman.

The touch of Love from me to another is not about sex.  The touch of Love from me to him is Higher and then Higher Still.   It has everything to do with Him.

I am a celibate women at present.  I have 5 children.  A mother over and over.  I observe my children and how physical contact makes them thrive, touch, warmth, flesh.  I have male/female twins whose un-self-conscious touch is everything to do with divine human-nature, and nothing to do with sex.  That they touch and intimate is intrinsic to their divine nature. They are comfortable with skin to skin touch, with no shame.  This is wholesome, they breathe each other in, they share without fear.  They will never live fully alive without the uninhibited intimate touch of another intimate human being, sharing in each others divinity and humanity.

It is not about sex.  It is about Love.  It is about Loving.

You can take away sex, you can not take away the desire to be fully alive or to be intimate.  You can not take away the need for intimacy, to be held close, to share souls, to be soul mates with a beloved.  The God-given right to hold and breathe and share and be close, the need to intimate.  When we Love so deeply human we Love so deeply Divine. You can not take away Love from souls that have found Love.  That alone restores it a Higher Love. You can not kill the human desire to intimate in God, with a God bestowed other.

It is Gods gift.

It can not be reduced.


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