Home is Where the Heaven is

lost in thought

I Am already dead.  I Am already alive with God.  I Am already Spirit.  Already Word. Already Love.  A gentle breeze.  I Am sitting on the right.

And then my mother gives birth to me – human.

All at once I was born a baby.  Perfect.  Love.  Then I was forced in a series of persistent contractions down the birth canal –  Adult.  Alive.  Dead with God.  All earth-Spirit. Undiagnosed dyslexic fumbling outspoken falling short word.  Love kept getting spoiled with unLove.  I hung to the left in a skirt.

And then beyond childhood He was born – 2000 years ago before the future – Divinely Human.

He shows me the way home to myself.

I will swim with the nucleotide through my own DeoxyriboNucleic Acid – to the last molecule – where I will jump off the end into . . .

He will catch all of my nothingness

On Earth . . .  as it is in


Home from Home.

Alive.  Body.  Spirit.  Word.  Gentle.  Breeze.  Right.  Love.


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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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