Reading Between the Lines


Painting in numbers and reading in pictures.

Spiritual bride of Christ Jesus.

Holding hands in the safety of beautiful spiritual intimate friendship – a soul-mate.

Growing old in friendship, supporting one another in spirit despite life’s ailments.

Sounding Love for one another.

Grief and bereavement at loosing those we Love in life, to death.

The break-down of relationships.

Divorce, Separation, Co-habitation.

Violence, Sex, Threats – a tower of evil raiding the goodness of life.

Sharing a life-time of faith together in faith a life together.

Facing the fascism with Love alone.

Being able to give – without being able to take.



Grace bestowed – in the elements of being.

God-fearing – not human fearing.

Endurance despite others not being able to read with the heart, for their over-inflated cynicism and cerebral heart failure.

Putting on the armour of God’s Amour.

Being Love.








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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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3 Responses to Reading Between the Lines

  1. Listen to the sound in between the notes

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