A Change in the Charism ?

After a few weeks of unrest at one niggling glitch in the Charism, and after much contemplation, prayer and discernment, I think I need to change one word?  This is both a problem for me – seeing as I have sent it out as perfect :O(   and a delight to me seeing as then I won’t have a niggling spirit constantly bothering me :O)   Knowing that the change of this one word would bring an even deeper revelation to the Charism is All important.

It is not such a big thing and yet at the same time it is enormously important.

The change is on the bottom of    S†a†u†e    3 & 4   where it says Love & Benevolence, I think ? instead it should say Belovedness & Benevolence. ???

The reason being is that to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind, and with all our strength, is truly not just love alone, but is Love so fully and so deeply, that we know that blissful feeling in absolute totality.  And that Ecstasy is only reached as our direct response in absolute total return of His Loving us – of loving Him with everything, and of being Loved in Him more in return.  That is Belovedness.  That is Eternity.  That is the highest Love – Heaven on earth.  Absolute Love is the fruit of Loving and knowing we are Loved so absolutely.  It is a continuous and absolute infusion of Love where each is reaching out so intensely to the other, that instead of being two you become One.

This is what true adoration of the Blessed Sacrament can evoke.

Do I go back and change the word on the past document?

I am obviously not quite 100% sure this is right.  If you agree/disagree please feel free to let me know.

The Way of Love Charism – NEW JERUSALEM

The Way of Love Charism – KING JAMES

The Way of Love Charism – NIV


The Way of Love Charism – NEW JERUSALEM

The Way of Love Charism – KING JAMES

The Way of Love Charism – NIV



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2 Responses to A Change in the Charism ?

  1. Stephanie says:

    Yes, I like the exchange, Beloved is fuller, riper, more pregnant with its infinite possibilities of Infinite, eternal and gifted Grace.

  2. mags says:

    Thank you Steph.
    If it is changed it also means that each of the 7 S†a†u†e’s have their own absolute principle, which is such a very important part of the Charism. A Charism is no good if it does not have active & contemplative principles, which fulfil and behold its s†a†u†es or constitution – in its very essence/nature. Which they all did previously, but Love was used twice in two separate contexts, and as you said in the context of S†a†u†e 3 it didn’t express the fulness of Love with our Lord.
    Prayer, Worship, Belovedness, Benevolence, Virtue, Forgiveness & Love. This is the Way of Love †
    Thank you for your Love & support Stephanie.
    Nunight God Bless x

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