The Way of Love – Charism

This post is dedicated to my Dad whose Love is steadfast, and whose heavenly 68th birthday it is today.  My Dad who taught me that Love is Eternal.



The Way of Love Charism – NEW JERUSALEM

The Way of Love Charism – KING JAMES

The Way of Love Charism – NIV


The slightest change is made.   Each of the 7 S†a†u†e’s have their own absolute principle or pillar, which is such a very important part of the Charism.  A Charism is steadfast if it has active/contemplative principles or pillars, which fulfil and behold its s†a†u†es or constitution – its very essence and nature.  Previously Love was used twice in two separate contexts, and in the context of  S†a†u†e 3 it did not express the fulness of being Loved and in Love with our Lord, and so the Love in S†a†u†e 3 has now been perfected to Belovedness.

Prayer.  Worship.  Belovedness.  Benevolence.  Virtue.  Forgiveness  &  Love.

This is the Way of Love †


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3 Responses to The Way of Love – Charism

  1. The trinity is lover – love – beloved in perfection

  2. mags says:

    Response from Rt Revd & Rt Hon Baron Rowan Williams on The Way of Love Charism! ‘It is very finely done, and full of spiritual challenge; I’m most grateful to you for sharing your insights and vision.’

    His response came on Magdalene College . Cambridge Paper :O)

    x Little things please little wildflowers x

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