Is Your Heart in The Right Place?


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5 Responses to Is Your Heart in The Right Place?

  1. Is your soul in the right time?

    • mags says:

      My soul is not in time ~ it’s in Him.

      • I was struck by the question and started pondering the interface of space and time it suddenly occurred to me then if my Heart in the right place then my soul in the right time. Hence the follow up question to you excellent leading question

      • mags says:


        I think those who truly live in Him know that time and space is irrelevant. It is only when we begin to grasp the revelatory understanding of eternity through Love ~ that it makes life/death/ here/now/past/present/future/forever/up/down/ irrelevant. but in His kingdom we Love and are Loved ~ and in some unexplainable mystical utopian Beloved way, LOVE is ALL.

        Thanks for your comments.

  2. mags says:

    Of Love through eternity!

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