Last night I became overtired and I couldn’t sleep.  It had been a few days of quite internal joy, and yet some of the exchanges of the day had me restless into the eve.  Just after 2 am  I climbed into bed, and only then in the silence did I burst into unexpected tears ~ because somebody during the day said something that needed to be said ~ and whilst my heart knew it to be right so that all the pain  broke through the damn in relief ~ I  didn’t fully understand why.

thank you †


A Song lay still, and prisoned in a heart,

And years passed on, and never knew its strain;

And summer glow and gladness shook its chain

Yet it moved not.  And Love with keen bright dart

Came laughing nigh, and aimed with surest art

To wake the silent lay–yet still in vain,

And love spread out his sunny wings again

And sailed away, all heedless of the heart.


Then Sorrow came, and with drooping downcast mien,

And softly touched the captive melody,

And lo ! it stirred – it leaped to sound; a queen

Out to the world in passioned throbs did flee,

And spirits paused, and listened tranced, I ween,

To that sweet song that Sorrow had set free !


Cassie M. O’Hara


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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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