Mary Christmas


Christmas 2013


‘From you, our God who is before eternity became a child!  He has made your womb His throne making it more spacious than the heavens.  In you, O woman full of grace, all creation exults.  Glory to you!’ ~ (Joseph Raya, Theotokos; Mary Mother of our Lord God and Saviour Jesus 40.)

This year interiorly has been the most special of special years.  Firstly for me it was the year of the Bakers Dozen.  Baker being my maiden name, my Dads name.  He taught us that 13 was our lucky number,  and that Friday the 13th was especially our special and lucky day.  Now I have learned that the Catholic Church holds the 13th day of each month special too, as it is the day of Marian devotion. Handmaid of the Lord.

It’s also my knowing that if Mary Magdalene was not one of the 12 disciples, then she was 13.  Marian Devotion on the 13th day is no mistake, and So very special.  It speaks of a far deeper Truth akin to the vocation of All women.

The Virgin Mary, Mary of Bethany & St Mary Magdalene echo in deepest Love, their Beloved Trinity.

John Donne so astutely recognizes Mary Magdalene in his poem The Lady Magdalene of Herbert Street.

‘The Resurrection; so much good there is Deliver’d of her, that some Fathers be Loth to believe one woman could do this; But think these Magdalens were two or three.’

A wonder to behold.

Marian devotion isn’t just about The Virgin Mary, but about every Mary since the beginning of time eternal.  Eve after All was chosen first by God.  He made her out of Adams rib (Adam meaning ground).  He made her will.  He inspired her.  He charged her with life.  He created her character and her very essence.  Her and Adams will, be His Will made manifest.  So too God created and inspired the person that came up with the story that was selected as a book for the bible.

God created the first woman. The woman who by her very nature gave birth to the entire world.  Mary is the new Eve ~ without her Love there would be no Son of God.   The very first spark of Love that brought humankind to being, was between God and Woman, and Man.  Mary is Jesus’ companion ~ the one whom Jesus loved more than all the other women. The one He chose with Love to first appear to, Mary the ultimate bearer of the Gospel ~ The first messenger of The Good News.

This year was a year of milestones. The sweet baby in my first manger turned 16, number 2 was 13 in 2013.  The twins celebrated together their first decade, and my last-born began year one.  We are all blessed.  It was also in 2013 that The Way of Love Charism came to me  :O)

And in the very special 400th year of Heythrop College I finally graduated with a degree in Pastoral Mission, and All my children were cheering witnesses to it.   Shepherdess.   I now officially have the letters LOVE after my name.  0-:O)

Next year is a very special year too ~ for 14 is the house number that I spent the happiest childhood in, and it is the year of two-fold perfection ~ whilst Papa Franci will be celebrating his special year of ten-fold perfection (77).  This is to be a year of perfect Love, where Papa will forgive All the world ~ if he is to Love perfectly as Jesus Loved. Only this Love is perfect.  (7 being the number of Gods perfection).

This year I remember especially my Daddy in his special year of 13 ~ and all the Bakers going back to ancient times.

Everybody ~ if there is one treat I would recommend that you treat yourself to this year, it is to watch the film Fiddler on the Roof ~ which I remember watching with my Daddy when I was a little girl.  The main character Tevye reminds me so very much of my Dad, and of our happy childhood family. I was the middle daughter in real life, and so too in the film.  0-:O)  Things haven’t changed much since my childhood financially ~ things have been painfully hard this year ~ but watch Fiddler on the Roof and see how rich you truly can be if you have a little Faith and much Love.

This Christmas I received a beautiful Christmas card from the Sisters from the Congo, It says  May your heart be a cradle for the baby Jesus’.

Those women are so beautiful and have the most prayerful spirit I have ever encountered in my life. Their words are always so warm and deep and heartfelt. All the tears they have shared with their poorly ~ and yet All they do is Love. 

I pray for a Holy Gentle Christmas for you all

With the tenderest Love




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4 Responses to Mary Christmas

  1. Regardless of her disciple ‘number’, Magdalene I believe was the most important

  2. Tonia says:

    Hope you and your beautiful family have a happy and holy Christmas – Tonia xx

    • mags says:

      Thank you Tonia, from my heart. Holy happy Christmas to you and your Loved ones, and to you Carl too. The number 14 has such a sweet ring, may we all continue to be blessed xxx

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