Magi FdA

Shepherdess Stargazing ~ with the future Magi

Graduation Dec 2013

Magi –

Old Persian texts, pre-dating the Hellenistic period, refer to a Magus as a Zurvanic, and presumably Zoroastrian, priest.

But it “may be, however,” that Avestan moghu (which is not the same as Avestan maga-) “and Medean magu were the same word in origin, a common Iranian term for ‘member of the tribe’ having developed among the Medes the special sense of ‘member of the (priestly) tribe’, hence a priest.” 

The Shepherds visited the Christ child and the Magi came with their gifts.

Magi/Wise men/Magisterium/& Shepherds

All Leading us by the star of wonder ~ to

The source of all Light.

Borne of a woman.

Christ Light.

20 + C + M + B + 14


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