I have found eternity orbiting the earth in the now.
My Love for you is not in past days gone by,
Even though I loved you yesterday and the days before.

My Love for you is not held in future days,
Even though I will Love you tomorrow and evermore.

I Love you  encapsulated in eternity
I Love you  this very sacred hour.
I Love you  in and beyond this world
Eternal        beautiful        now.

Richard Rohr’s meditations at present are all about the experience of the Mystic, and their Divine union with God.  I read somewhere else that we are all Mystics, just some people haven’t and never will tap into it.  We all love and all have the potential to experience Love.  I look back at all my beautiful poetry ~ which in the most noble way became the visible breath of my prayer.  I haven’t written one in a long time.  I was praying my living in the very concentrate of that Love.

2 people this week asked me if I wanted to be a nun, in fact one did, the other one said there are other ways ~ other than being a nun.  I put it to you;  What is a nun?  What good is it in being a nun if you become unkind, bitter and unloving?   I’ve seen it.   I see it. What good is it to shut yourself down, where you believe that you love, but in reality cease to Love as Christ calls us to Love?   Why the need to label yourself in a box?  Why the need to cut yourself off, and cast yourself ‘other’ – ‘separate’ – than life, parish, community and the bishop?  Why make yourself smaller than who Christ calls you to be? Did St Mary Magdalene label herself a nun, or Mary of Bethany, or Mary of Nazareth?

Why not open yourself up, be Full ~ the fruit of the Spirit in its Fullness?  Not hiding away from your own sexuality, but in the full acceptance, embrace, and faithfulness of it. Tenderly live out the sacredness and holiness of the vocation and gift of woman in the heart of the Church.   Expressing maternal compassion and warmth, sharing the beautiful uplifting spring and autumn gift of femininity.  Celebrating the co-existence and inter-dependence of the Grace of holy men & holy women together, side by side, in unity, in friendship, in vocation, in Love, in the parish, in the community, in the diocese, in the world, in life and in death? Why fuel the segregation and separation, and lack of union? Why limit oneself, when Christ already showed us the way?

I want to see a new way of living Our Holy Vocation.  Christ’s Way.   The Way of Love.


~ T’is yet to be.


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