That Light

During the Beloved Retreat weekend a lovely lady called Dorothea Rose (who was the first ever woman to do a homily at Heythrop) gave her talk in the chapel.  Her talk was all about Jesus’ mother it was entitled Mary, the model of womanhood.  It’s a fascinating talk which I heard on both this Beloved weekend and on the previous Beloved weekend. Dorothea had kindly spent some of her precious free time nurturing me ~ relaxing me ~ and praying for me ~ that my talk would go well, and she encouraged me to open up and share a little of my personal testimony.

I did my talk on the Saturday and it was received well.  Then on the Sunday whilst sitting in the chapel once again enjoying Dorothea’s talk on Mary, a shaft of the hottest most radiant penetrating light, pierced intensely through the long narrow side-slit of a window on the opposite side of the chapel wall, and found its way perfectly intensely and directly to me, where it proceeded to illuminate itself upon my head, face and entire being, for what felt like several minutes. I couldn’t move from its direct hit, (even upon trying to) but neither did I want to.  I looked directly up into its intense flood, and at the top of the shaft became a huge purplish/pink opal shape of hundreds of tiny lined rays, filtering outwards in the shape of what one could only imagine to be the shape of  Mary or an angel, just like people have in their visions.

I came home and looked on the computer in google images to see if I could find the pattern, colour and shape which the intense rays made, as they didn’t quite blind but distorted my vision.  I couldn’t ~ but I found these images which echo the opal shaped configuration of the purplish/pinkish rays that seemed to splay outwards in a constantly filtering moving way.   There was no figure of a woman.  And with all my sense and reason one wonders if these images below are an artistic vision of the miracle of light which plays tricks upon the human eye?

When we were back in the restaurant I told some of the women that a weird and amazing thing had happened in the chapel, that an amazing and penetratingly intense  shaft of light came through the side window and that I was sitting directly in its path.   And then a professional 28-year-old woman, called Tanya, who was also on the Beloved team overheard me, she was sitting facing me on the opposite side of the chapel, she confirmed that she had seen what had happened to me.  She said ‘I kept looking at it and at you, and I could see the shaft of light directly upon you, and it was beautiful and amazing’  she said ‘I couldn’t take my eyes off it’.  Then another woman, without meaning to,  lessened it ~ when she said ‘isn’t it wonderful when we have the ability to see things in a certain way’.

I didn’t see it in a certain way.  I saw it as it was.

It reminded me of the experience that I had a while back (which I have written about before now) ~ on a couple of occasions in the Assumpta Chapel at Heythrop in Kensington ~ which you can read about here.

Spiritual Direction, Sunpools & St Rose of Lima

Thank God this time there was a witness.


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