Original Love

Over the past few years I have learnt something so beautifully profound, from being in my relationship with Jesus Christ.  This profound something is actually Everything ~ It is more simple ~ more beautiful ~ and more poignant, than any person has vocally articulated at any point in my entire lifetime ~ and although no one has ever previously articulated it vocally to me, at moments it has been articulated both physically and spiritually ~ and because of this I know it to be of the utmost absolute inherent Truth.

And now I can vocally articulate it myself.

Jesus Christ has taught me that ~ before there was Original sin there was Original Love.

This Love I know as a result of my own beloved father dying ~ I know because of my happy childhood ~ I know from having lost a pregnancy due to miscarriage ~ I know from holding each of my newborns and looking into their eyes ~ I know from within the very depth of my soul, the exchanged look of Original Love.

And no further amount of investigation, exploration, rejection, study, searching, yearning, or persecution can ever teach me anything ever again, quite so final.

It is not a sin to fall in Love.


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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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One Response to Original Love

  1. Stephanie says:

    It does indeed. And Love endures and is above everything else, especially that of man-made religious laws.

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