St Mary Magdalene@St Sabina’s


Amazing little Magnificat Miracles.

This year our little parish is celebrating it 50th year anniversary.  This humble little church is so very special to me.  I have spent much profound time here in prayer ~ I have been blessed by the Holy Spirit here ~ I have tangibly felt Love Absolute here.   I have also spiritually felt the love of a few very special parishioners (whom I so dearly loved, that are now deceased) sitting along side me in the chapel,  holding me in their presence in prayer from a realm that I have yet to journey to.   I have communed with Jesus here ~ I have celebrated with Him ~ wept with Him ~ been broken with Him ~ smiled and danced inside, in absolute joy and wonder with Him ~ and it is here that I first consciously Loved Him.  I have conversed with Him ~ exchanged ideas with Him, and lived prayers of Thanks Giving with Him for all my consolations.

And one evening in darkness (after entering through the combination lock) ~ I went alone into the church for some much-needed quiet time.  I entered the sacred little chapel to spend some deepest solitary time alone with my Lord in deepest solitary prayer ~ and it was here where I found a stillness so sublime ~ so utterly still ~ that in the stillness there was nothing between the thinning ~ it was here that I lay down and prostrated myself in the narrow little aisle upon the carpet ~ just like St Dominic had showed me those few years before, at the Margaret Beaufort college in Cambridge ~ (where then I never got to experience prayer in prostrate because I was too self conscious, and the chapel had people from outside the intimate group ~ milling around.  And right there I ~ with nothing before or after ~ with nothing above or below ~ fully present ~ horizontal ~ All of me ~ All of who I am ~ Every single beautiful part of my body ~ was Earthed to God.

It was here in 2009 where I first recognised Sacred Love Absolute. And it was here at Pentecost 2012 where I publicly recognised the Holy Spirit was to be a part of my life Forever.  It has been here where The Word has shaken, and spoken, and whispered their Life into my life. It is here where in such a profound way Jesus has planted seeds of inspiration ~ and commands me to hear and see what He wants me to hear and see.  And so my truth is testament to the Truth that He has planted within me.  And my inspiration, and the fruit of that inspiration, are all His ~ are all down to Him.  And the Saints, and His 2000 year ago family (who seem to have taken me under their wing) have accompanied, protected and inspired me, initially from within the physical walls of this Churchly Tabernacle,  and latterly within the spiritual walls of the me Tabernacle.

Today I am absolutely delighted to announce Today’s Wacking Great Miracle ~ the most Joyous ~ Amazing ~ Surprising ~ Affirming ~ Wonderful news.  Yesterday my Parish Priest phoned me to tell me that the archivist (who is compiling a parish memorial book for the 50th year anniversary of our church) discovered in a pile of gas and electrical bills some very special letters (and a newspaper cutting) which reveal that St Sabina’s was perfectly originally consecrated and dedicated to St Mary Magdalene ~ (for all of 2 weeks) ~ before the other ‘powers that be’ were reminded by letter that the benefactor had wanted the church to be named St Sabina after his mother (and his favourite church in Rome).  St Sabina’s Basilica in Rome is where the head of the Dominican Order presides ~ and Mary Magdalene is their co-patroness with the Virgin Mary ~  and so  St Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in England, after 2 weeks of being perfectly ‘mistakenly’ dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene, was then ‘un-mistakenly’ changed to St Sabina.

P  e  r  f  e  c  t

Twas no mistake on either account.   I just know it.

That is why the connection I had/have with her was/is Sooooo very strong, I am sure


B R I L L I A N T ~ G O D †

The Holy Spirit is here.

I just do not feel that same presence in the Anglican services that I have been to ~ neither in my earlier days ~ n’or in the churches that I have entered in my latter days ~ which I am all the more intimately aware of since becoming a Catholic.  When I step inside a church which isn’t Catholic something so Special appears to be missing.   It is  The Holy Spirit.   I recently attended Anglican Mass with a friend from The London Centre for Spirituality.  I had taken her to the beautiful Sacred Mass at the St Mary Moorfield Catholic Church at Liverpool Street, and in return she invited me to the Christopher Wren Church at Bank.  She was very put out that I didn’t receive Communion, and she felt personally hurt and affected by my decision to stay seated in prayer.  But I have to be authentic.   It’s as if that ‘Edge’ were taken off and missing.

That Spiritual feeling ~ the one that evokes the skin alive ~ an almost invisible lightness that raises the essence of our being and evokes it to seep through our skin and radiate out (like we physically see in the readybrek commercials of old) ~ that thinness of veils ~ that charge of  ‘air’  all around us ~ that stirs the soul ~ and draws our spirit up ~ that calls us into Communion with Him ~ its missing for me in the Anglican ritual, and in the symbolic rights of other churches.  I go into those empty churches and something of ‘the emptiness’ leaves me empty ~ and I am not raised up ~ but rather left shocked by the tangible lack of Presence and deeply disappointed.   I don’t want to be disappointed.  This is not my personal prejudice.  I long to feel that same Holy Spirit in the Anglican Church. Somewhere where I could be embraced ~ accepted ~ liked ~ loved ~ pray ~ contemplate and work alongside my clerics ~ together ~ for the greater good of Our Lords Church.  A place where I am not held other, discriminated against or oppressed.  I long to feel the Holy Spirit somewhere where I can exercises my faith, and receive my due formation the same as everyone else, in its Fullness without prejudice, oppression and manipulation.   I wish I felt the same in the Anglican Church but I have to be honest ~ I have to be True ~ I don’t.

I could never quite put my finger on what it was that was missing ~ and now I can.  And the above wonderful news of Saint Sabina Church originally being St Mary Magdalene Church is further blessing, assurance, and absolute wonder to me as to how the Holy Spirit so blesses my life.  Before I became a Catholic I was secular and completely unchurched ~ I never even knew Mary Magdalene.  Since coming here I have felt her Love, compassion and dearest friendship in such a profoundly intimate way.  So much so that I felt her with me when I was writing The Way of Love Charism     ~     It Amazes me that despite it all The Holy Spirit still faithfully continues to reveal the connections that are writ in Christs Love ~ since the beginning of time.

And no amount of time ~ and no plans of man ~ can over-ride Gods Will.

And for such inspiration ~ I Am so very Blessed.

So Thank You Abba Father.

I Love You.


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